Tenant FAQ

Where do I Pay Rent?

The rent shall be paid electronically by signing into their account at www.fullhousemgt.com/tenants/portal or paid to Full House Property Management - PO Box 8644 Porterville CA 93258. If payment is made by mail, Resident bears the risk of loss or delay of any payment made by mail and Landlord must receive mailed rent payments on or before due date, except as otherwise provided by law. Rents WILL NOT be accepted in person in the office. Acceptable methods of payments are electronic payment (EFT/Credit Card), personal check, cashier's check or money order.

What is the grace period for paying rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month, however it is not considered late until after the 5th.

Can I pay rent in cash?

No, for your protection and ours, rent is only accepted by check or money order.

Why did I receive a 3-Day Notice to Vacate?

If you received a 3-Day Notice it is because you have defaulted on all or part of your rent.

Do you have an emergency repair line?

No. Items of concern should prompt submission of the request for repair or a call to the office @ 784-6456 during normal business hours.

If it is after hours and something that can wait until the next business day, submit the maintenance request form or fax to 783-1000 or leave a message on the secretary's voice mail and she will dispatch the appropriate repairman the next business day.

For after hour emergencies contact your favorite licensed plumber, electrician or contractor, or if pertinent, 911. If determined that the problem was in fact an emergency situation that is of landlord responsibility, you will be reimbursed.

Failure to report such problem could result is a hazard and can cause further damage to the property and additional costs. Any calls to repair men directly without authorization from us may result in you being directly responsible for payment.

Please be sure you check all circuit breakers, make sure pilot lights are lit and air filters have been changed before calling for service, failure to check these items may result in a tenant charge to remedy.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency is something related to the condition of the property that materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant, or a condition which is not attended to immediately, will cause further damage. Examples of a maintenance emergency would be, the main sewer line is backed up (a clogged toilet is a tenant charge) or a broken pipe is causing water to leak into the home. A repair to the heating and air conditioning system is not an emergency.

Maintenance Emergencies

What is an emergency?

  • Fire - call the fire department.
  • Gas leak - turn off gas & call Southern California Gas 1-800-427-2200.
  • A plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to the home to be shut off.
  • A broken pipe is causing water to leak into the home - turn water off at the main line or off at the fixture.
  • The main sewer line is backed up - no plumbing in the house is working.
  • Total loss of water (check with your Water Company first).
  • Total loss of heat when outside temperature is below 45 degrees and there is only one heat source in the house
  • Total loss of electricity (check with the utility company before reporting to Full House Property Management).
  • IMMEDIATE electrical danger- shut off main breaker in breaker box.

NON- Emergency items: With any non -emergency item please submit a work order and an appropriate vendor will be dispatched.

If it is after 4:00 p.m. and before 9:00 a.m. and the call is not an emergency you could be charged for the emergency maintenance call- if we are able to dispatch a vendor or if you call someone out.

Maintenance Request

If you have a maintenance issue, you must submit a written request. You can do this online through your tenants' portal in our website www.fullhousemgt.com or pick up a form at our office. Please DO NOT use this for general communications, standard questions or follow-up emails can be sent to fullhousemgt@live.com

Our vendors schedule directly with our tenants to make all repairs. If you fail to keep a scheduled appointment with a vendor, you will be responsible for the cost of the service call. It is the tenant's responsibility to make the home available for repairs, not the landlords.

What if I lose my keys or I am locked out of the property?

If it is during normal business hours you can come into the office and borrow an extra set of keys to your unit at no cost. If it is after hours you can call a locksmith.

How long can guests stay?

Guests can stay for 3 days. Longer visits must be approved by Full House Property Management.

Can I get a roommate later on?

You may be able to have a roommate, but they first have to fill out an application and be approved as a tenant. The application fee applies to all applications. Once they are approved there will be an additional $35.00 administrative fee to prepare a new lease and all the pertinent paper work.

What happens if my roommate moves out before the lease is up?

Your roommate needs to provide a written notice that they are moving out. Tenants are jointly and singularly liable to ensure that the rent is paid. You must have written permission from Full House Property Management Company to substitute a roommate, or eliminate a roommate all together. The remaining tenant must qualify financially in order to remain in the unit alone. There will be a $35.00 administrative fee to change the lease to either add a new roommate or to remove a roommate from the lease.

What happens to the disposition of a roommate's security deposit after move-out?

Security deposits are collected as “security” for the property. Reimbursements to departing roommates are handled by the remaining tenants. No portion of the security deposit will be refunded individually.

Can I get a pet after I move in?

This depends on the property that you live at, and whether or not the owner allows pets. You must first get written permission from Full House Property Management to get a pet, renters insurance with no pet exclusions will be required and you may also be required to place an additional deposit and supply a description and photograph of the pet.

Not all properties allow pets so if you would like to add a pet to your family; contact our office for prior approval.

Depending on what the property owner has instructed for their property, because each property and each property owner are different. Because of the insurance constraints there are certain breeds of dogs that may not be allowed. Any pet with an aggressive or bite history. Our pet policies are strictly enforced for the safety of the neighborhood and the property owner. In most cases no more than 2 pets are permitted in each property.

If the pet is approved by property owner, you will be required to fill out the Pet Agreement form on the pet, and if approved, pay an additional deposit plus obtain renters insurance general liability policy for $300,000 naming the owner and Full House Property Management as additional insured. Provide Beed and Photo of the Pet.

Not disclosing a current or future pet at the time of the lease can cause expensive and severe consequences. If a non-disclosed pet is discovered (and typically it always is) it can be grounds for eviction and may cause the forfeiture of your entire security deposit. It is critical that all pets obtain prior approval.

Service animals will require Doctor certification please stop by office to sign release for us to send to Doctor for their certification.

Can I change the locks?

You can change the locks, however you must provide the office with a key, and you must replace the current locks with the same kind of lock set that is already there. We generally use Kwik set lock sets.

Does my lease automatically renew on a month to month basis when it is up?

Yes. If you do not request to have your lease renewed then you automatically go to a month to month basis.

Do I have to give a written notice to vacate even if I am at the end of my lease?

Yes. Your lease stipulates that you must give a written 30-Day Notice to Vacate to the office. You received a blank form when you moved in. You can print one from our website or you can write a letter stating that you are moving, make sure to date your letter.

When do I get my security deposit back?

We aim to return your deposit as soon as possible but never longer than the legally required 21 days from the day you turn in your keys. Deposit refunds (less any charges incurred to repair or clean the unit) are mailed to the address provided on your 30 day notice or last known address.

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